Naturopathic Rheumatology Residency

Naturopathic Rheumatology Residency

The Center for Integrative Wellness’s specific aim for a residency program is to provide both continuing education for Naturopathic graduates in integrative rheumatology and clinical rotations for naturopathic students. There are currently very few residencies that have a sub-specialty concentration, but as residency program numbers grow, we hope that our program will be become a model for NDs wishing to work more closely with MDs and DOs. Currently we offer the first and only naturopathic rheumatology residency in the country.

Naturopathic doctors can expand their rheumatological disease knowledge

Our program provides NDs with an intense learning environment where they can quickly learn to take a rheumatology history and do a detailed musculoskeletal physical, become deeply acquainted with allopathic and naturopathic treatments, improve bone radiology skills and learn business ownership skills. The resident would work with Dr. C. Guggenheim in her rheumatology clinic as well as observe other physicians and practitioners in the community. Initially Dr. Guggenheim will spend time training the resident in how to do a joint exam and take a rheumatological history. Once she feels comfortable the student will spend more time working with patients one on one.

Arthritis solutions that work for you

Currently, many patients are seeking to minimize or discontinue their anti-rheumatic drugs, but they must be carefully managed in order to avoid serious disease flares. Many patients also come seeking alternatives to conventional drug therapy for other health concerns such as hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, allergies and other general practice complaints. Although this is a sub-specialty residency, it cannot be stressed enough that we work within the naturopathic tenet of holistic medicine by treating the whole person. The patient population in Michigan has not been heavily exposed to naturopathic medicine and thus stands to obtain a huge benefit from basic nutritional advise, hydrotherapy and lifestyle interventions.

Dr. Nicholas Morgan’s role with the residency

Dr. Morgan serves as the naturopathic adviser to the program in order to ensure that the following objectives are met:

  • The resident learns nutraceuticals, botanicals, lifestyle, and diet interventions appropriate to treat general practice illnesses.
  • The resident learns how to treat patients that are on extensive polypharmacy.
  • The resident has the tools available to meet their own personal goals in the program.

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