Natural Medicine services that focuses on your wellness

At The Center for Integrative Wellness we truly believe that a patient’s history is the most valuable clinical tool. Therefore our services include an in depth intake paperwork and a comprehensive interview to discover how we can best help you. Expect to spend at least 1 hour during the initial appointment and 15-30 minutes for follow up visits. After your initial intake we may refer you back to your medical doctor or request additional testing. Dr. Nicholas Morgan evidences based botanical medicine in addition to other effective holistic approaches to address the cause of your diseases.
Common recommendations include:

Services and Therapies

Personalized nutrition
Learning to Eat with a Purpose
Wellness Recovery Membership
Botanical medicine
Mind body medicine
Dietary modification
Patient specific exercises
Improving sleep hygiene
Breathing exercises
Stress management
and etc.

Some of the labs we use include:

Genova Diagnostics
Cyrex Labs
Doctors Data
23 and Me
Cell Science Systems aka ALCAT


Milk Thistle is a plant known for it’s liver and kidney support. The plant is also used for allergy, immune, and blood sugar support as well as numerous other functions.

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