Breast Health From a Naturopathic Perspective


Free Seminar on Saturday, October 22nd,

3:00 pm at the Frandor Better Health Market


How familiar are you with your breasts? How do you know when it’s time to see the doctor? Do you know how to perform a breast self-exam and if so, are you actually performing them? Dr. Nicolas Morgan will share with you ways to make sure you detect changes in breast tissue as soon as possible and some of the little known chronic conditions that can be associated with an ill-fitting bra.

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Why Naturopathic Medicine is Necessary in the 21st Century

Dr. Nicholas Morgan Naturopathic Doctor, cafe scientifique

Naturopathic Physician Dr. Nicholas Morgan speaking to Michigan Association of Healthcare Auditors about Naturopathic MedicineI would like to thank the Michigan Association of Healthcare Auditors (MAHA) for reaching out to the Michigan Association of Naturopathic Physicians and requesting someone speak to their group. Friday March 20, 2015 I presented a talk titled: Complex vs Complicated Medicine Why Naturopathic Medicine is Necessary in the 21st Century. They were very welcoming, inquisitive and seemed to enjoy the talk. I spoke about 3 areas: naturopathic education and licensure in Michigan, the importance of treating the whole person by addressing imbalances in their life, and the importance of a therapeutic doctor patient relationship to create positive changes.

People asked a lot of questions about licensure and training especially. They wanted to know how to find a reputable naturopathic physician and how much longer it would be until we were licensed. I used depression as an example of the importance of treating the whole person. Using antidepressants and talk therapy helps but most people do not undergo complete remission of symptoms and there are so many additional things that can be done to help people suffering from depression. Last but not least I talked about the doctor patient relationship necessary to promote healing. Again I thank MAHA for inviting me and I look forward to discussing Naturopathic Medicine with more people in the future.

How do you detox in a toxic world?

How to detox naturally. Naturopathic medicine Michigan


Detoxing is much more than doing a fad diet or visiting a sauna. Our bodies detox 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The important things to know are how do we facilitate  as well as hamper your body’s detoxification pathways.  On September 16, 2014 at 7:00 pm natural medicine expert Dr. Nicholas Morgan shares his top 5 ways to optimize your body’s innate detoxification pathways at Lansing’s Cafe Scientifique.


Date & Time: September 16, 2014, 7:00pm
Location: Lansing, Michigan Schuler Books – Eastwood Towne Center

Cafe Scientifique

cafe scientifique Lansing, Michigan

Schuler’s Book Store in Lansing. I will present at my first . The title of my talk is “What Is Your Food Telling Your Genes”. It’s about epigenetics and how science finally has a mechanism that explains the importance of eating a healthy well balanced diet. The talk starts at 7:30 pm and will last about 30 minutes with 30 minutes for questions.