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Learning to Eat with a Purpose

Learning to Eat with a Purpose
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“As a naturopathic physician educating my patients is the single most important thing that I do.”

  • Online discussion with Dr. Morgan
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  • Over 4 hours of informational videos
  • Over 20 educational videos per topic
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I have talked with thousands of patients about how to recover their health. Unfortunately there are topics that arise frequently that I do not have time to expand on. By empowering patients with the right knowledge and tools I believe that they will make healthier decisions. This is why I got into natural medicine and this is why I have designed “Learning to Eat with a Purpose”. Each of these courses will explore diabetes, detoxification, inflammation, and food addiction at a level my patients have not been exposed to. You do not need a doctorate to understand these concepts but you do need more than 1 office visit. With each topic I spend over 4 hours sharing with you why certain foods promote disease and why certain foods prevent disease. At the end of the videos I am sure you will have the knowledge base to not only impact your life but also the lives of your family and friends.


Your diet directly impacts your chances of developing diabetes. Did you know that metabolic changes start developing decades before diabetes is diagnosed? Are you or your loved ones at risk? Do you already have diabetes and want to get rid of it? Go beyond your average diabetes education to understand how to make your own informed decisions concerning what you eat. During these modules Dr. Morgan will explains his naturopathic approach to preventing, managing, and eliminating diabetes.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Food talks to your genes, what message are you giving your body? Is it a pro inflammatory message or is it an anti-inflammatory message? Food can be medicine if you let it. Are you eating your daily prescription to prevent chronic inflammation? Learn what promotes inflammation and ways to prevent it. Because, you cannot supplement your diet to prevent chronic inflammation. Dr. Morgan teaches you why some diets are pro inflammatory, how some diets prevent inflammation and why this is important.


Detoxification is more than a fad diet, colon cleanse, or trip to the sauna! Your body detoxes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The important thing to know is how in your daily life, are you hampering your body’s detoxification pathways? As well as, what can you do to enhance our body’s ability to detoxify every day? Dr. Morgan will share with you why everyone needs to support their detoxification and his favorite methods to support your body’s detoxification pathways using nutrition, supplementation & lifestyle!

Food Addiction

Do you have a healthy relationship with food? Food is life giving and can prevent disease, slow aging, restore energy, and promote overall well-being. It is also great for bringing people together in social settings. Unfortunately, the Standard American Diet is full of addictive and disease promoting foods. You are not struggling with eating because of lack self-control. The Standard American Diet is addictive by design. Dr. Morgan helps you learn how not to fall for the traps of food addiction so that you can start eating to promote health.

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