Food label improved but it's far from enough.

Proposed changes to nutrition facts, naturopathic doctor Michigan

The FDA plans to update the current food label to make it easier to read with special attention paid to total calories and a new line called added sugar. They also hope to change the serving size to reflect how much people are really eating. This is a positive step towards a better label. The order of macronutrients; fats, carbohydrates, and proteins are in that order because fats are considered the largest health risk followed by carbohydrates and proteins. I would put carbohydrates above fats, keep the added sugar label, and add a new line that tells you the glycemic load. The current proposed changes will take years to take place. Athough I wish the FDA would have done more, some progress is better than no progress.

Proposed changes to nutrition facts, food label, nutrition facts

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Food labels to get first makeover in 20 years with new emphasis on calories, sugar.

False information on botanical & nutrition labels

false supplement labeling

Research is often performed on falsely labeled products. Because of this there is a lot of poorly performed research readily available to the masses. If you’re going to take a supplement or botanical you must know what you’re taking. It’s not as simple as reading the nutrition label which can have flat out lies on it. To read more about the problem follow the link: Herbal Supplements Are Often Not What They Seem.¬†Fortunately there are companies available with pharmaceutical grade supplements. To buy high quality pharmaceutical grade supplements visit Dr. Nicholas Morgan’s Online Dispensary.