One huge benefit of working with a natural medicine clinic is receiving high quality supplements from providers like Fullscript. Not all supplements are equal. The industry is completely unregulated so you never know what you are taking. Because of this, millions of Americans take supplements every day that have nothing in them that is listed on the label. To prevent taking low quality supplements Dr. Morgan uses brands that have been tested for quality. Additionally, some forms of supplements are not ideal for supporting your body. Dr. Morgan loves to identify the top quality forms of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and botanicals to optimize their absorption and impact on your body’s biochemistry.

With his all in mind Dr. Morgan appreciates your business and grantee the authenticity of all supplements purchased from our online dispensary. To order just click the icon to the right of this paragraph. All Supplements are 15% off at all times. To receive additional discounts you can set up auto shipping for 20% off. To personalize the treatment plan, Dr. Morgan does not use any one single brand, this allows him to be more flexible with the recommendations that he makes. While on Fullscript’s website remember to browse Dr. Morgan’s Protocols. Below are some of the most frequently used supplements.

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For a more personalized recommendation you need to make an appointment with Dr. Morgan. Otherwise there are a few supplements that people often need. Good gut health begins with a well balanced diet. You can not counteract a bad diet by just taking a few supplements. With that said I like to support your gut health by recommending enzymes and probiotics. Enzymes are not all equal. You need to make sure your enzyme breaks down protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Often patients will present with enzymes that only break down carbs or fat or protein but not all three together. As for probiotics they are helpful to maintain a healthy gut barrier function. Leaky gut is real and common. We eat a sterile diet that lacks microbial diversity. Specific strains of probiotics are known to improve leaky gut as well as leaky gut symptoms. To see my recommendations just follow this link Dr. Morgan’s Gut Health Supplements.

I use two primary ways to support menopausal symptoms. The first is to support adrenal gland function. Your adrenal glands actually make sex hormones like estrogen and progesterone for your entire life. In contrast your ovaries no longer produce sex hormones after menopause. If adrenal function is optimal then the glands help take the edge off. They do not produce as much as your ovaries used to but they help prevent going from hormones always present to nothing. The second part of the approach consists of giving a botanical that mimics the actions of estrogen. These botanicals are known as phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are not nearly as strong as estrogen but because they look similar to estrogen they can activate receptors that estrogen used to activate. Follow this link to see Dr. Morgan’s Menopause Supplements.

Diet and weight loss is a full time job. It often requires a lot more than just supplements because things like education, behavior changes, and physical activity play a vital role. To learn more about my approach to weight loss you can visit my blog post. As for supplements my most commonly recommended things consist of a meal replacement shake. This is usually a protein powder that has vitamins and minerals inside of it as well. These are used to replace a breakfast or lunch, they are usually minimal calories and provide a lot of protein to help satisfy hunger. In addition to the protein shake I might include a fiber powder to help with the feeling of fullness. Last but not lease mitochondrial support is helpful to make sure your cells can burn fat as fuel. These are just some recommendations and as usual to a personalized plan you can schedule an appointment. Click this link to see my diet and weight loss supplement recommendations.

Nutritional Supplements

Everyone has biochemical individuality so nutritional supplement needs vary. From a functional medicine standpoint there are common deficiencies within most American’s diet. Some of them are noticeable so when you take them you’ll notice an improvement within days. Others may take weeks, and still some you will never notice a benefit. We just now that you will age better with them in your system as opposed to being chronically deficient. Here are several links to nutritional supplements:

Magnesium Supplements
Fish Oil Supplements
Vitamin and mineral Supplements

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