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best probiotic to improve digestive health
Gastrointestinal Disease
Dr. Nicholas Morgan

Which probiotic is best for me?

My patients know that I’m not very big on probiotics. Not because I don’t think they work but because you can’t trump a poor diet by

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omega 3 fatty acid testing
Autoimmune Disease & Inflammation
Dr. Nicholas Morgan

Omega 3 Fatty Acid Testing

Don’t guess, know your omega 3 fatty acid levels. There is a test available to help you know if you’re making the right dietary decisions. High levels

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natural treatments for dry lips naturopathic doctor Michigan
Dr. Nicholas Morgan

Dry Lips Treatment

This week’s question is about dry lips. Dry cracked lips can be very frustrating and painful. Here is a list of helpful treatments to hydrate

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Natural treatment for hypothyroidism naturopathic doctor Michigan
Autoimmune Disease & Inflammation
Dr. Nicholas Morgan

Treating Hypothyroidism Naturally

Do you have Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis? I receive a lot of phone calls from people suffering from hypothyroidism. They complain of weight gain, fatigue,

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