Which probiotic is best for me?

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My patients know that I’m not very big on probiotics. Not because I don’t think they work but because you can’t trump a poor diet by taking a probiotic. That’s because you have literally tens of trillions of gut bacteria and your probiotic consists of tens of billions. Plus your diet determines what those tens of trillions of bacteria have to eat so as long as you’re eating the wrong foods then your but bacteria will continue to give you problems. Also you have way more biodiversity in your gut than can be offered in a capsule. Meaning that some probiotics have 20 or even 30 strains of bacteria which is great but it’s not nearly the number of strains you need. Depending on your antibiotic use in the past and the diversity of your diet you might only have a couple hundred strains of bacteria. Having 8 or 900 strains is healthier. With that said weekly I am asked what’s the best probiotic for me?

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